• Creating Log Files for your Scripts

    I decided to write a small script that can be used to create Windows Logs which can be viewed in the Event Viewer. Basically this is a script to create and log custom events and it creates a file too.


  • System Specs with GUI

    Firstly apologies for the gap in posting. I had a couple issues with my health and then had a backlog of work.


  • Careful with the -WhatIf

    So I happened across another issue with the Active Directory module.


  • Active Directory Annoyance

    I recently found something out (with much appreciated help over at and Dave Wyatt).

    I have been writing some PowerShell functions that will accept pipeline values from Active Directory object.


  • Querying a Remote Registry

    So this week I have been working on a script that will allow me to view the registry on remote machines.


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